Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out if my loft can be converted?

You can test if your loft is convertible by standing up right in your loft at the highest point. If you can put your arms straight up in the air, without touching the ridge beam at the top of your roof this is a good sign your loft can be converted.

How much does a Loft Conversion cost?

Every property and loft project is different, so it can be very hard to give an indication of price. It is worth having our loft conversion company over, so we can provide you with a non-obligatory quote. As an example, adding a master bedroom and a shower room will cost around £40,000 + VAT. 

How long does a loft conversion take?

It takes on average two to three months to complete a loft conversion. From the moment the scaffolding goes up around your property, but of course, this varies on a loft by loft basis as size and scale fluctuate. Please also be mindful of  the time it takes to have your plans drawn up and receive planning permission. This will delay the completion date further. 

Is having a water tank or chimney a problem?

 Any connection or obstruction will be switched off and relocated during the build. When people are looking to convert a loft, they are also thinking about an additional bathroom or shower room. Generally, upgrading the existing heating system prior to the loft commencing is a massive benefit to you, especially if you are considering living in the property though-out the build. 

Whether your existing heating system is adequate or not will be down to a heating engineer to survey your system.

Will I need a new boiler?

Not necessarily. If you do have tanks in your loft they will be disconnected and relocated whilst the build is taking place. This means that your hot water could be off for weeks. So very few people keep their existing tanks, not to mention the noise and the space they consume in the loft. For performance and extra capacity, a pressure cylinder or a combination boiler is installed. This permanently eliminates the need for cold water tanks in the loft area.

What areas do you cover?

We offer loft conversions services in Newcastle and the surrounding areas including Gateshead, Swalwell, Winlaton, Hebbern, Jarrow, Wallsend, Longbenton, Callerton, Woolsington, and also cover jobs out of the region all over the UK upon request. Don’t presume that you are too far away, give us a try and our accommodating team might surprise you with the response. 

Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion?

Depending on the project specifications, you may need to gain planning permission to have your loft converted. It is advisable that you check with your local authority prior to carrying out the works. If you are unsure or think you might need planning permission we will be able to confirm after inspection of the property’s dimensions.

If planning permission is required, it will take around two months for your local authority to review your application. This is the government endorsed target for all local authorities to try and remain within. Although larger and more complex loft conversions may take a little longer for a decision, either way we can assist with all applications and permits. 

Can any loft be converted?

Not any loft no, there are certain requirements to match. 2.2m is the minimum height requirement (from the floor to the highest point in your loft) for a loft conversion to be a viable option. It is still possible to convert if you have less room than this however it would usually involve lowering the ceilings on your first floor.

What types of Loft Conversions do you offer? 

We offer a full range of loft conversions including Dormer Loft Conversions as well as Hip to Gable Loft Conversions

Apart from your loft conversion construction costs, what else do we need to budget for?

As your loft requires you to go up an additional story, your home will have to comply with the latest building regulations. Usually, a loft conversion turns a property into a three-story building. This means that all the doors around the staircase will require an upgrade to FD30 doors (fire rated). This ensures that should a fire break out in any of the rooms, your hallway, stairs, and landing will withstand 30 minute’s worth of heat and fire as a protected corridor, enabling you to evacuate from any of the rooms within the property.

If you are going to sell your house in the future your vendor’s solicitors will need a building completion certificate. Your local authority or a national improved building inspection company can supply one. This ensures that the loft is built to building regulation standards, without the certificate it could devalue your property.  

Are you able to decorate the loft conversion for us?

Yes we can. Our comprehensive loft conversion design service covers this and a host of other options including;

  •     Electrical & lighting design options 
  •     Architectural detailing including bespoke doors, windows & timber work
  •     Staircase manufacturers that match the existing properties staircase
  •     Ironmongery detailing & matching service 
  •     Space planning & design 
  •     Integrated MDF storage units & bespoke cabinetry 
  •     Built-in wardrobes & drawer systems 
  •     Electrical Accessories & Home Automation

Will we have to move out while the loft conversion takes place?

No, very few people move out of their property when converting their loft.

Will I hear from you again once my Loft Conversion is completed?

Yes, we want to keep in touch and discover how you are showing off your new living space. Once the conversion is completely finished we will visit you to talk in more detail about your experience with our company. We also like to take photographs as we are proud of our work should you consent.

Will a Loft Conversion add value to my house? 

Once converted, it is likely that the loft conversion cost could increase the property value by 50% on top of your original outlay. This means that if you spent £20,000 to build and finish your loft, your property would likely increase in value by £45,000. Gaining you £25,000 in equity, plus your original money back when you do decide to sell your property.

Are you insured?

 Yes, all our projects are fully insured.

Will I receive a Guarantee?

 Yes, with our multi year structural guarantee, you can be assured that your loft conversion is in safe hands for years to come.

How do I ask for a quote?

Simply get in touch with our office and speak with the customer service team to book an initial consultation. From the moment you contact us, we work closely with you every step of the way. As the professionals, we offer you a fully itemised quotation that is free and with no obligation.

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