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Utilising the space in your loft can transform the way in which you use your home. The space is a blank canvas and that means that you can create a useable area that fulfils your needs. However, to get to this point, you are going to need to consider how you plan to use your loft, and what you want to get from it and this is where our loft design services come in to play.

Professional Advice and Design Expertise

Whether you want to turn the space into a playroom for the children or a new master bedroom with an en-suite we provide a comprehensive range of design packages that are designed to fulfill your needs.

What this means is that our design experts can take care of every aspect of the design or we can create a bespoke design package that complements your needs and your budget. We have experience in working on a huge array of loft conversion projects and so, we have the ability to bring your ideas to life. To achieve this, we rely on a professional approach and design expertise that enables us to provide a complete service.

Working with our clients, we gain a clear understanding of their requirements and capture their needs perfectly, delivering a loft design service that they can trust.



    loft design newcastle

    We Bring Your Loft Conversion Ideas To Life

    We don’t see your loft as an empty space. Our creativity and forward-thinking enable us to envisage the space as a place that will become a part of your home.

    Therefore, we have the ability to work with you at every step of the process. When our clients come to us, we work through their ideas and listen to their needs, ensuring we capture it all perfectly. We discuss any issues or challenges and we make suggestions based on our experience. Our aim is to help our clients create that dream space that will feat seamlessly into their lifestyle.

    Our team of design experts will then get to work, creating plans based on the requirements of our clients. We work with our clients closely, ensuring transparency and an open-minded approach allows them to get exactly what they want.

    We can oversee every aspect of the process. So, our design specialists will not only have the ability to capture your ideas and create designs that work but we can also take care of approval and even construction.

    Our aim is to create a bespoke service that brings your ideas to life and from the very moment you get in touch with us, we will meet your expectations. We have extensive experience in designing and we can help you to transform your loft. From hip to gable extensions to rear dormers and basic loft conversions, our service is designed to capture it all.

    It’s important that you get your loft design right. As trusted experts in all aspects of loft design including dormer loft conversions and hip to gable loft conversions, we are confident that we can help you turn your loft into a space that will transform the way in which you live.

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