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Professional  Hip to Gable Loft Extensions

If your property has a hipped roof then you might want to consider a hip to gable loft conversion. Adding additional space to your property isn’t about adding an extension or going through weeks or months of disruptive building work. It could be as simple as using the existing space in your loft and converting it with a hip to gable loft conversion.

Why A Hip To Gable Loft Conversion is the Solution

Unlike standard properties that have a sloping roof to the front and rear of the property, a property that has a hipped roof will have four sloping sides. This can significantly reduce the amount of space you have in your loft but you can transform this space with a hip to gable loft conversion.

This type of loft conversion is perfect for semi-detached and detached properties that have a hipped roof. It can help to create additional space that enables you to use the space in any way you wish. Whether you want to create a new master bedroom, a large bathroom or create a games room for the children, we as loft conversion specialists can make that happen with our hip to gable loft conversion service.


    hip to gable loft conversion

    Opting for a hip to gable loft conversion will transform one or more sides of your property, taking the sloping roof and replacing it with a vertical wall, which is known as the gable. This will increase the floor space and headroom, providing you with a space that is usable and practical.

    A Fully-Manage Service Delivered by Experts

    As well as hip to gable extensions we are experts in all aspects of loft conversions including dormer loft conversions. Therefore, we ensure that we achieve a full understanding of the needs of our clients. From learning about their ideas to providing solutions and taking care of designs before carrying out the work, we take care of it all. We will also ensure that the project adheres to all planning regulations where in most instances, they will fall under permitted developments. However, we can work with the local authority to ensure we are compliant.

    We will utilise the services of all tradesmen and workmen where required so whether you are turning it into an office space or a bathroom, we ensure we collaborate closely with all of those who are involved in the project.

    We pay attention to the finer details and we work with our clients throughout the project. Providing regular updates, we aim to deliver a service that is efficient and highly effective, delivering a high quality finish every single time.

    If you are looking to add value to your property as well as space then a hip to gable loft conversion is the ideal solution. At an average cost of around £19,000, it is an investment that will transform your property. What’s more, we are on hand to take care of your needs and provide you with a solution that will completely transform the way in which you use your property.

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