Loft Conversion Costs


Loft Conversion Costs

At Loft Conversion Newcastle we understand that making the most of the space is a dream of many but often, many believe that the cost is out of their reach. However, we are confident that our loft conversion costs will surprise you and enable you to take advantage of our loft conversion service.

There are many reasons why people choose to convert their loft such as creating a new, usable space such as a games room or a master bedroom. Along with this, many choose to do it because it is a lot easier and cheaper than moving home. What we aim to offer is a cost-effective solution that fits within your budget and provides you with the ability to transform your home with ease.

Competitive Prices and a First Class Service

The prices that we charge are some of the most competitive out there. We believe in making our service accessible to as many people as possible and we believe in helping them to make savings where necessary. Whereas some companies will attempt to charge for everything, we do all we can to make cost-saving suggestions, helping our clients to get as much from our service as possible.

As experts in loft conversions, we not only offer the best prices out there but we believe that our workmanship and exceptionally high standards really make a difference. We can create liveable spaces that become a part of your home, all of which can be enjoyed at a cost that is within reach of many.



    Loft Conversion Cost

    If you are considering a simple loft conversion then the cost will be determined by the size of the space and the specific requirements of each client. However, in general, the cost of a loft conversion can range from £15,000 to £55,000 with the average cost being around £25,000. This will include the loft conversion design, planning and completion of the project.


    A dormer loft conversion will enable you to enhance the space further by improving the design and layout of your loft. This is a popular choice for many but as there is more work involved, the costs are generally higher. However, the price of a dormer loft conversion can range from £20,000 to £25,000 although on average, the cost is around £27,000.

    Hip To Gable

    Choosing a hip to gable loft conversion will make it possible for you to maximise the space and transform your home. If you are thinking about a hip to gable loft conversion then you can expect to pay anything between £16,000 and £25,000 although the average cost is around £19,000.

    There are many different types of loft conversions available and finding the right one will be depending on many factors such as your needs, the type of home and your budget. Every property is different and costs can vary depending on your requirements, so why not get in touch and allow us to provide a bespoke quote for your loft conversion.

    loft conversion costs

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