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At Loft Conversion Newcastle, we offer a loft boarding service that allows you to make use of your loft. Commonly, people choose to store items in their loft without boarding but that can make the area unsafe while there is a risk of damaging the ceilings below.

Our service is ideal if you want to turn your loft into a practical space that you can use and access with ease. Whether you are looking to use the space for storage or you want to install flooring in readiness for converting it into a room, we can take care of it all. So, whether you want to use it to store large boxes and unused items or you want to make it a safer space, we are experts in all aspects of loft boarding. Our team of experts can take care of the process, boarding your loft in a way that not only delivers satisfaction but will enhance your home and how you use it.

Located in Newcastle we offer Loft Conversion services in Newcastle and the surrounding areas including Gateshead, Swalwell, Winlaton, Hebbern, Jarrow, Wallsend, Longbenton, Callerton & Woolsington etc.

How Do We Carry Out Loft Boarding?

While it might seem like a simple process, loft boarding does require expertise and that’s where we come in. We measure your loft space to identify the space you have and the boarding you will need. This will allow us to gain an insight into the size and span, allowing us to prepare the boards for your loft.

We then begin by placing the loft boards into position, ensuring they are durable, stable and strong enough to withstand any weight. This process requires a professional touch because there are issues that can be encountered if you attempt to carry it out yourself. Therefore, we will ensure that there are no trapped wires and we will make sure the boards are fitted in a staggered position as this helps with stability and it helps to avoid weak sport.

Loft boards are pre-packaged in two different sizes and that means that we have the ability to ensure we choose the right boards. Along with this, the board will be the correct thickness based on your needs as using your loft for storage or as a room will require specific boards. Once the boards have been laid, we will then convert the hatch and install a staircase, giving you a simple way of accessing your loft.


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    We Take Care of it All

    There are many considerations to make when boarding a loft and that’s why it’s important to use a professional service. We will consider insulation, ensuring that the loft remains insulated and we will make sure we choose the correct thickness.

    When we carry out the work, we will also make sure that the boards last as long as possible. Therefore, we make sure that we drill all holes with care and attention into the boards, while screwing them individually, making sure they are lined up in the centre of the joist. This will ensure that they are correctly installed and will not fail on you, leading to further costs and a range of potential problems. Whether the space is used for storage or as a room, the boarding has to be structurally stable and fit for purpose.

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